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Allergy sufferers can be adversely affected by the toxic mold and may prove deadly.   Here are some tips you can use when you encounter the toxic mold at your home. Abundant moisture allows mold to flourish so look out for the leaky windows, pipes etc. One can find the molds in variety of colors which stinks and looks fuzzy. Unlike mold, mildew is usually grey or white which can be removed easily with bleach and a brush.   Is mold the same or there are varieties? How do you determine if the mold you found in your home is dangerous?   Household molds are nearly in thousand types and it produces mycotoxins that have been linked to immune deficiency and even cancer. Black mold is infamous for producing those naturally occurring toxins, but it’s not the only type that does.   Harmfulness of a mold, irrespective of the type, depending on the sensitivity and reaction, may vary greatly from person to person. With no standards for an "acceptable" amount of mold. The thumb rule is, if you find any amount of the mold, it needs to go.   Can you remove the mold yourself? The Environmental Protection Agency recommends calling a professional to clean up any area larger than 10 square feet. For smaller patches, you can do it yourself, but it could be tricky.   You need protective gear, a wet vac and dehumidifier to remove all moisture from the space, and you’ll need to scrub the area with a measured mixture of bleach and water. Get rid of any porous material that may be affected like carpet, upholstery or wood paneling. If you miss a spot and just try to paint over an area, the mold will return. Once finished, you should have the area tested to ensure the mold is gone for good.   Allergies & Asthma Clinic in Austin and Round Rock, provides the latest, proven and most up-to-date diagnostic treatment options in allergy and asthma care. The Clinic offers allergy testing, allergy shots, allergy drops and has treated thousands of patients, both adults and children, with various conditions of allergies and asthma.   Patients may call at (512) 804 0000 or (512) 804 0999 to request an appointment at Austin or Round Rock clinic respectively or by filling up the Consultation form.   LinkPAGE:- https://allallergies.com/resources/toxic-mold-allergies.php   Allergies & Asthma Clinic 2312 Western Trails Blvd. Suite 101 Austin TX 78745 (512) 804 0000 allallergiestx@gmail.com www.allallergies.com

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